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Our Goals

Production Software is a Finnish software house based in the city of Lahti. We specialize in the ICT and automation systems of manufacturing companies.

Our goal is to improve our customers' productivity by improving their ICT systems.

A good ICT system handles its duties independently and efficiently, thus allowing production personnel to focus their attention on their core duties. The second important role of the ICT system is to provide the management with the information necessary for the development and improvement of the company.


Determining Needs

Production Software offers various consulting services to help our customers determine the actual functions and properties required of their IT and automation systems. This is a vital element in any software procurement cycle.

One of our principles is that we always provide a precise and readily understandable offer, with clear pricing, before asking for any commitment.

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We offer innovative manufacturing execution system (MES) software, SMARTMES®. Its modular structure ensures easi scalability. So we can offer both reasonably priced solutions for small and medium sized companies and full-featured systems for the needs of large corporations.

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Production Software Team Gets Stronger
Mikko Partanen Mikko Partanen has started at Production Software as a trainee.
SMARTMES at the Tampere Subcontracting Fair
SMARTMES at Tampere Subcontracting Fair Production Software and its SMARTMES created a lot of buzz in Tampere Subcontracting Fair, which ended today.
MES for SME's
Production Software has released its new SMARTMES software family, specially designed for manufacturing execution of small and medium-sized industrial companies.

Improving Production with Certainty
Production Software's new production analysis service offers industrial companies a cost-effective way to find out how to improve their production systems.