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SMARTMES® is an innovative software family developed by Production Software. It offers a wide range of smart modular solutions for the needs of manufacturing execution in industrial companies.

Each of the SMARTMES® modules takes care of a specific duty at a factory. These modules can be used separately or in various combinations. Together, they form a full-featured manufacturing execution system that complies with key international standards, such as ISA-95.

The user interface of the SMARTMES® software (SCADA) is designed on the principle that the functions used most often must be the easiest and fastest to find and use. Another way the SMARTMES® user interface differs from many similar products is that it can be used while one is wearing heavy work gloves.

All SMARTMES® modules are standard off-the-shelf software that can be delivered so cost-efficiently that they bring intelligent manufacturing execution systems within the reach of small and medium-sized industrial companies. This does not, however, reduce the options for tailoring the solution to company-specific needs.

SMARTMES Production

SMARTMES offers various components targeted at automation of industrial companies’ factory-level production. They can be used in standalone form to handle specific duties, or one can combine them with each other or tailor them to meet customer-specific needs. All modules are compliant with ISA-95 and other significant international standards.

SMARTMES Maintenance

SMARTMES offers various components targeted at automation of machinery maintenance at the factory level. The maintenance modules are designed to make life easier for the company's service maintenance and service staff. It is no substitute for qualified maintenance workers, but clearly helps them to get their work done more easily and more efficiently.


SMARTMES includes modules designed for fully automated or semi-automatic quality control. In automatic quality control, the software collects and analyses certain production-line measurements in accordance with a predefined plan. With the semi-automatic quality control option, the software periodically asks production-line personnel to make certain measurements and enter the results in the system. In both cases, the software then compares the results with the predefined range and issues alerts as needed.

SMARTMES® Inventory

One of the main goals of an intelligent manufacturing execution system is the elimination of buffer storage at the factory. A need often remains for some buffers, and their content must be controlled by software. SMARTMES provides modules also for this purpose. They are designed mainly to keep track of and optimise the buffer storage. In essence, the same software can also handle any inventories, and SMARTMES® Inventory has been successfully used outside the manufacturing world too.


Production Software provides the manufacturing industry with information and consulting services that help our customers succeed in their software investments and reach their goals


These services can yield the following benefits:
  • higher efficiency
  • An increase in production capacity
  • Optimization of usage of raw materials, water, and energy
  • Improved quality
  • Decreased downtime

Software Procurement

The procurement assistance service is designed for situations in which an organisation is seeking help in finding software that suits its purposes. The content and extent of the service are tailored case-specifically. The most lightweight version includes compiling a specification document that can be sent to software vendors for offers. We also deliver a complete turnkey service that includes everything from definition to ensuring that the vendor actually delivers all that was paid for.

Whatever scope is chosen, the service brings increased clarity and precision to the process. It makes life easier for both the vendor and the customer. When the essential functions for the software are precisely specified before the bidding process begins, neither party has to waste time and money on useless work.

Manufacturing Analysis

The system analysis service examines the manufacturing company’s production and the associated systems, at the level of both the entire company and the individual factory. The goal is to find the elements that need improvement and any other things that need to be changed.

As a result you get a roadmap for the improvements to the factory’s software and machinery, with a suggested timetable, pricing, and the benefits that these improvement could bring about

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We are here to improve the IT systems of industrial manufacturing companies. We reach this objective by providing our customers with diverse consulting services alongside quality software solutions. Our software is specially designed to scale easily with the needs of companies of different sizes. Because of this, we can offer professional manufacturing execution systems even for small and medium-sized companies.

We have also been assisting companies in other fields, such as logistics and various sectors of the service industry, but one thing remains constant no matter the customers’ business: our services concentrate on production and on increasing of productivity.

Our main region of focus has consisted of Finland, the other Nordic countries, and the Baltic region, but our software has been distributed to other areas also, through our network of partners.

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We believe that one cannot – and should not – do everything oneself. Therefore, we see networking as a vital activity for any high-tech company.

Our closest collaboration is with the following networks: R&D Network Lahti, Langaton Lahti and Lahti Mechatronics Network

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